[01-14] The Island
[15-18] Ewan McGregor
[19-32] Lord of the Rings
[33-35] Liv Tyler
[36-51] Norah Jones
[52-62] Full House (mostly Michelle)
[63-77] Olsen twins
[78-89] Disney (Lilo & Stitch 1 and 2, The Little Mermaid, Rescue Rangers, Toy Story 2, The Lion King 2)

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Norah Jones at Amoeba Music with Special Guest, M. Ward

Since nobody has updated anything lately Ill update with something sweet.

What's your favorited song from the new album "Not Too Late"?

Did anyone happen to go to L.A. for the show at Amoeba Music?
I went it was so awesome she also did signing. Ill show a few pictures, they are not too great cuz they were taken from a cell phone. I recorded the song she sang but it sounds really crappy. If any of you would like me tto upload them I will. =) 

She played Seven Songs

Not Too Late
Rosie's Lullaby
Thinkingf about You
My Dear Country
Sinkin Soon
LIttle Room
Come Away With Me

SInkin Soon Video. Which happens to be My favortie from the album, along with Little Room, I can't decide

I hope you guys catch her when she comes around to your town. 

None for L.A. yet but she said she'll tour here Until JUNE!


NJ icons

Hey everyone. I've been using Norah Jones as my PB (character picture) over at the RPG forever_bsc, and I thought some of you might like some of the icons I made for my character and her twin! (I'm a big Norah Jones fan, too.)

Here they are... please leave a comment if you take any. There's no need to credit, but I would definitely appreciate it if you linked to abby__stevenson in the comment.

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Norah's Cd List

"Instead of picking all my usual favorites, I thought I'd pick some new things that I've been listening to. There are some new albums below as well as some classics." --Norah Jones

I noticed this a while back and well I found it interesting because there are two bands in particular that I like and well I felt like I somewhat related to her music interests. Anyway Here's the link!

Norah's Fav. Cds

I hope you guys are enjoying the rain as much as I am! 

Peace And Love to you all! =)

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Love Me Tender

I was wondering if anyone had Love Me Tender on MP3? I've been looking for it forever. I was going to get it off Itunes, but they make you buy the whole album (not the Adam Levy one, the Princess Diaries one). So if anyone could upload it to YSI, I'd love you forever. :)