Teacher the subject of schoolgirl fantasy... (reclusive_lover) wrote in norahjonesfans,
Teacher the subject of schoolgirl fantasy...



AIM icons:

No credit needed but please comment and tell me what you take.
More icons HERE
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Nabbed the one of her in the truck! Thank you. :)

By the by, where did you find that pic? i've been looking for it for ages ...
Oh man! That's awesome! I just went through the whole thing, and I don't think I'd seen half of those photos. Thank you!

And no worries about crediting. You put in the work, you deserve the credit.

I'll go check out suave_girl in a few. :)
Go to that link I put on the end of this post.
BTW Thank you amillion for crediting me.
Its so nice when people do it just because!
BTW! LOL! I am commenting too much but I am also suave_gal_icons!
I nabbed a couple for my RPG, since Norah is the person I'm using for my icon.
(the truck one, feels like home, and the bw one next to "I don't miss you at all") Thanks!