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Norah Jones, 10th Anniversary Concert
performer and Hall of Fame artist, has shared with us
some of her favorite albums and books. She hopes you
will enjoy them too.


"Instead of picking all my usual favorites, I thought
I'd pick some new things that I've been listening to.
There are some new albums below as well as some
classics." --Norah Jones


The Milk Eyed Mender, Joanna Newsom

One of the most beautiful and unique recordings I've
ever heard. I've fallen in love with her harp playing,
her voice and songs.              

Transfiguration of Vincent, M. Ward

His songs are amazing and the production on his CDs is

Martha Wainwright, Martha Wainwright

She's one of my favorite singers. Very passionate.


I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning, Bright Eyes

This is probably my favorite collection of his songs.

Al Anderson, Al Anderson

This is a killer recording from 1972. A classic.              

Mint, Rachel Loshak

My favorite CD of hers.


Uh Huh Her, PJ Harvey

I'd always known her name, but just recently started
listening to her. I can't get enough. She's quickly
become one of my favorites. I also love Stories from
the City, Stories from the Sea.              

Come Around, Tony Scherr

One of the best guitar players I've ever seen. This is
his first collection of original songs and they are
all amazing.              

On the Beach, Neil Young

It's nice to know that the quest for great Neil Young
records can be satisfied over, and over and over
again. This is my latest favorite.


Let It Die, Feist

Ever since I got her first CD, Monarch (now an eBay
collectors item), five years ago, Feist had been one
of my favorite well-kept secrets. I'm so happy that
she is no longer a secret. One of the best live
singers I've ever heard. Though Let It Die shows only
a side of her, it is a great side! Check out the title

Planet Waves, Bob Dylan

An amazing record that he did with The Band. Some of
my favorite songs are on here.              

I Am a Bird Now, Antony and the Johnsons

I've been craving this music. His voice is haunting
and the songs are different and so beautiful.


Violent Femmes, Violent Femmes

One of my favorites as a high school freshman. I only
recently rediscovered it. Still great.              

Lush Life, John Coltrane

Another favorite CD from high school that I've
recently rediscovered.              

Mule Variations, Tom Waits

I realized that this is the album I have listened to
the most in the past seven years. I never ever get
tired of it.      


O.C.M.S., Old Crow Medicine Show

Such a great live band that I was afraid their CD
wouldn't be able to live up, but it did!              

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